The Boffo Bag Co. Ltd. was established in 1992 as a manufacturer of bags, mainly backpacks, pencil cases, diaper bags and a variety of specialty bags for the forestry and mining industry.
Today we still do some of that but have expanded into home decor. Hence the name change to
Boffo Home and Cottage

The Boffo Bag Co. Ltd.
14A king St.
Dryden ON
P8N 1B1
If, for any reason, you wish to return your  unused purchase, simply send it back to us for a full refund, minus freight.
All Returns From The U.S.A.  MUST BE SENT BY POST  and marked
Our bags are fully guaranteed against defective workmanship and materials. We will repair or replace any defective bag free of charge. For repairs due to normal wear and tear or abuse there will be a repair charge.
What does BOFFO mean?

BOFFO  is a slang term meaning Marvellous or Sensational.

How do you pronounce BOFFO?
Think of OFF, put a "B" in front of it and add an "O"

E- Mail:
Fax:         1-807-223-5581
Phone:     1-800-268-3132   Local 807-223-8422

      9:30 to 5:30 Mon. to Sat. Central Time

(That's 10:30 to 6:30 eastern & 7:30 to 3:30 Pacific)